Without the help of numerous volunteers, Alec et Gérard Pelletier’s theater simply couldn’t function. With their collaboration, these volunteers and participants act as true cultural ambassadors for the community and for the cultural events that we host   . 

The venue is also a meeting point for Sutton’s new residents; a place where the volunteers bond together while learning new skills, discovering hidden talents and even more. Because here  in the heart of the village, the needs are various : technical, artistic, or administrative, they  call for the creativity of everyone.

 The volunteers assist us in many different ways:

  • Box office
  • Bar service
  • Management, purchasing and inventory
  • Engineers (sound and spotlights)
  •  Information technology
  • Social networks
  • Secretarial services
  • Promotion and communications
  • Public relations
  • Fundraising
  • Maintenance

There are multiple ways to contribute to our organization :

- As a Volunteer – Send us your name and contact information.

- Become a member - By becoming a member you can participate fully in the community’s cultural life. You will also receive our newsletter in order to be informed first about the shows to come. It is free! Do not hesitate to contact us: info@salleagpelletier.com

- Propose an idea for an event

- By financial support of specific events

- Make a donation to Coeur du Village, productions. via CanadaHelps.org

Charity receipts are sent instantly and can be asked for at all times.  

Make a donation - Click here

Please note that Le Coeur du village (Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier is a registered charity and therefore, can provide charitable contribution receipts for income tax deductions. 

We organize and host  a number of  different activities to raise funds. These activities are a real opportunity to build contact and collaboration between the public and the artistic communities. Here are two examples of these activities.

Star for a night: A popular annual fundraiser where people from the community can participate on stage!  They became the ‘star for the night’ by performing or staging an activity  in front of an enthusiastic audience. Do you wish to play the agent for an obscure talent? Do you  love to sing, act or perform for a good cause? Do you know somebody who dreams about getting up on stage? Don’t hesitate and communicate with us for more info.

Village harmonies: An evening based on the theme of harmonic singing where all musical styles are represented, from rock to traditional music, while also touching classic songs and jazz. All songs can be performed in duet, quartet, with or without instruments and with or without experience. 

These evenings are presented both by, and for, the people of Sutton and the surroundings.  Word has it that there are also some of our locals’ favourite events.

Do you have an idea? A cultural or community project? You are part of a band that is looking for a space to practice; music, singing, plays, or dancing? COME AND SEE US!


At some time during 2003 in Sutton, a peaceful village surrounded by the wonderful mountains of the Eastern Townships, a group of artists and musicians had the idea of founding a creativity center for the village’s community. Acquiring the ancient movie theater of Sutton, La Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier, named in honor of the parents of one of the founding members, was born. Quickly established as a social economic enterprise and a charitable organization, the SAGP has benefited from a solid reputation that keeps on growing. Convinced of the necessity for creativity and culture and how they inspire positive changes in the community, the leaders of the organization wished to improve the  lives of  citizens by giving them a chance to touch creativity, either by seeing shows or taking full part in a cultural activity.

Since its foundation, le Coeur du Village successfully manages all of the cultural activities presented at the Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier. The organization is mostly managed and serviced by our team of  volunteers.  Cultural, community and social benefits are at the center of the goals and objectives of the Board and management team. The participants and the volunteers act as true cultural ambassadors who are proud to be taking part in the mandate of the organization.  

Many types of events are presented in the SAGP : poetry, singing, lectures, meetings with authors, plays, music, dance, school concerts, theatre workshops, choirs, etc.

Mandate of our organization

To provide the community of Sutton with a place to create and present/broadcast performing arts.  

To assure that the activities of this cultural cente focus on presenting three types of events:

-Creation: Encourage the production and presentation of original features (plays, music, comedy, dance, poetry, marionette (puppet) theatre, circus, multidisciplinary shows and others)

-Entertainment: In addition to the shows, provide to the community different cultural activities based on the theme of performing arts (courses, workshops, meetings, special events, etc.)

-Dissemination: create and present shows of different characters (amateurs, semi-pro, pro), while prioritizing works from people of the surroundings. Break the isolation, stimulate the community spirit and create enthusiasm by sharing talents and resources.

Honorary President :  Andrée Pelletier

Our Board of Directors 2019-2020

Salle Alec et Gérard Pelletier/Coeur du Village, Productions 

Karine St-Pierre, Chairwoman

Monik-Paskal Potvin, Deputy Chairwoman

Sylvie Ménard, Treasurer

Yannick Woolley, Secretary

Alain Auger, Administrator

Hélène Morin, Administrator

Simon Fauteux, Administrator

Manager and technical director :  Olivier Allard

Coordinator : Claudia Schlegel


It is with a great sense of gratitude that we thank the numerous volunteers who assist us in fundraising, manual work, cleaning, laundry, bar and box office operations, with translation, inventory management and so much more !!

Description  Available set-ups : Theater, cabaret, dance. With bar services. 

Capacity : 120 to 140

Audio system:

-P.A. : Yamaha Speakers DSR 112(X2) + Yamaha subwoofer DSR 118

-Console : Allen & Heath Mix Wizard (WZ3 16: 2) 6 aux. (2 fx send -4 ix monitor)

- Stereo EQ dbx 2231 – 31 bands (FOH)

-Stereo-dual mono compressor: dbx 266XL (x2)

-2 stage monitors EV

-2 stage monitors PV

-Stereo/dual mono EQ DOD 830- 15 bands for Mix monitor 1 and 2

-Double CD player Denon

- Shure microphone SM58 (x5)

-Shure microphone SM57 (x2)

- Condensation microphone Aphex (X2)

- Direct box Digiflex DPDI (x4)

- Mic stand (x8)

- XLR 15, 25 (lots)


-Console : ADJ 24 ch.Stage setter 24 – Dimmer pack : ADJ 415 with 4 x 15 amp. (x3)

-Presets :2 ch. (1-2) of stage ambient lights

- 10 ch. (3-12) 6 frenels 500w +6-8 PAR 200w


-Epson Powerlite Pro 800 projector

-Retractable screen VU PVA 169106, diagonal 106 (513/4 x 92)

- Blu-Ray player 

- Apple Tv 3